Dekton Mastidek Adhesives
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Mastidek is the official adhesive for Cosentino DEKTONĀ® surfaces. Color matched for coordination, UV stable for zero yellowing, and designed for indoor and outdoor use.

In addition to an array of colors and compatibility with virtually all environments, Mastidek is an adhesive that is dispensed by means of pre-dosed glue cartridges. The indoor, outdoor, adhesive designed to match the color of DEKTONĀ® slabs.
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Mastidek Cartridge Adhesive for Dekton Surfaces
Dekton is made to be UV resistant, fire and heat resistant, Ice and thaw resistant, and color stable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is only logical that the glue used to fabricate Dekton must likewise have the same characteristics as the Dekton itself. That's why Mastidek was made for bonding Dekton surfaces. But the bonding effectiveness of Mastidek is not the only feature of this product.
Mastidek is Color Matched to Dekton
Each Dekton slab is formulated to be a specific color and when you are seaming, mitering, and otherwise fabricating Dekton surfaces, it helps to have a glue that is invisible. That is where Mastidek comes in. Mastidek has thoughtfully and carefully formulated specific adhesive colors that match the Dekton surfaces. is a site that offers the colors matched with the surfaces.
What is Sintered Stone
Sintered stone is a material that is made by engineers. The materials are formed using the process known as sintering. The sintering process uses pressure and other forces to transform powdered minerals and other substances into stone. Dekton Mastidek adhesives is a site constructed to assist fabricators working with the Dekton material - one of the brands of sintered stone.
Information on Dekton Mastidek Adhesives Site
Among other information on the Dekton Mastidek adhesives site you will find installation information that makes for a good reference. Fabricators and installers are aware of specific techniques for installation. This information covers some of those techniques.

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